By Anna

Our house has three bedrooms, which means 2 of the girls have to share.  I feel a little bit bad about this because this means that one of them is always on their own and someone always has to share.  At the moment Matilda and Emilia are sharing a room, and Polly is on her own but she’s asked me a couple of times lately why she’s on her own and why can’t she share.

So I’ve been thinking about what will work best for us for the next little while.  A few other things to consider – Matilda is starting Prep next year, will she need more of her own space?  Polly and Matilda could basically share a wardrobe.  At the moment Emilia goes to bed about 45 minutes before the other 2, but all of them generally sleep through the night and don’t wake too easily.

I want to try moving all three of them into the master bedroom and moving us out of there.  The master room is quite big (narrowish but long) so they’d all fit and have quite a bit of shared play space left over, you can see the layout below.  Then I think G and I could move our bed into one of the other rooms and use the third bedroom basically as a dressing room.



G’s not very keen but I’m still thinking it’s worth a try and maybe I should try and convince him to give it a go.  Maybe I could just move the beds around and see how it goes for a few weeks before moving all the clothes around ??  I do fancy a furniture re-arrange and maybe I am just itching for a change rather than this really being a good idea?

And of course, as I’ve been concocting this grand scheme I can’t help but think about how cute the girls dorm style room would look.  Obviously necessitating some kind of mood board.  Cute, yes?



What do you think, should I keep working on him?  Or just leave it be?

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  1. susan
    June 28, 2013 at 10:53 pm (3 years ago)

    I think all three sharing sounds like a great idea! If you’re not keen to leave the master suite could you squeeze the three into one of the smaller rooms and have the other small room for their clothes and play space? Yay for the mood board!

    • Anna
      July 9, 2013 at 11:48 am (3 years ago)

      we did what you suggested last week, yay! have all 3 in the one little room and then a playroom/dressing room in the other bedroom. it’s working well sleep wise so far and the space seems to work better too.. although the room they are all sleeping in now resembles a dorm room out of an enid blyton novel, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing though! now just need to whip up a few new doona covers and photos will be in order!


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